Groundwater age distributions in contaminated European aquifers

This week we planned to have our midterm meeting in the #GeoERA HOVER project: in Madrid – unfortunately, we had to cancel because of COVID-19 – instead we had videomeetings for all our eight work packages. Here Hans Peter Broers of the Dutch Geological survey, TNO, explains about the use of groundwater dating in contaminant trend assessment using nitrate and veterinary antibiotics as examples in HOVER WP6 on the use of groundwater dating and travel time distributions. These examples, which are also very relevant for HOVER WP5 and 8 on nitrate & pesticides and emerging contaminants, respectively, will be included in the map viewer on the HOVER project website and in the GeoERA information platform / the European Geological Data Infrastructure (EGDI) with access to peer reviewed papers, reports and other relevant information on these important groundwater studies. READ MORE ABOUT THE HOVER PROJECT HERE:

Nitrate trend assessment in Dutch groundwater

Veterinary antibiotics in age dated Groundwater in the Netherlands

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