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Contribute with your views trough polling and audience participation – the four GeoERA groundwater projects HOVER, RESOURCE, TACTIC and VOGERA are presented and discussed in the GeoERA groundwater webinar on Friday 13.11.2020, 10-12.00 CET. Please join us and take part in the polling on and discussion of the current most important groundwater research challenges in Europe and globally. If you want you can prepare yourself by reading about the four groundwater projects and the projects of the other GeoERA themes here:

Climate change scenarios for the 41 TACTIC pilot areas in Europe now available

Lead by Deltares (Netherlands), TACTIC have now produced standard #climatechange scenarios for all 41 pilot areas across Europe from Ireland to Ukraine and from Malta to Finland. The standard TACTIC #scenarios are produced to enable a harmonized comparison of impacts on #groundwater resources across Europe as a result of climate change. The standard climate change scenarios will be applied in a variety of tools within TACTIC from integrated #hydrological models to #time-series analysis but are also available for use outside TACTIC. Read more and get access to the scenarios via the TACTIC website:

Diagram with map showing location of TACTIC pilot sites across Europe where the developed climate change scenarios are used to assess CC impacts on groundwater and adaptation strategies in combination with a variety of modeling and analytical tools

Application of groundwater age and travel time distributions – Example from a water supply well polluted by pesticides

Groundwater age and travel time distributions have many applications – below you can find a link to a research paper where you can read about investigations of a pesticide polluted drinking water well and the history and fate of the two pesticides found in the well. The work is closely related to especially the work of task 6.4 in the HOVER project, which investigates groundwater age and travel time distributions in water supply wells with long screens and the application of these in groundwater management and protection.

How old are our precious groundwater resources?

How old is our groundwater and how well is this precious resource protected towards pollution from the surface or from subsurface activities?

Researchers from the Netherlands and Germany currently collaborates on the investigation of Dutch groundwater resources

Read more about this important research activity at the GeoERA HOVER website: