BONUS SEAMOUNT at the Baltic Sea Science Congress in Stockholm 19-23 August 2019

Scientists from the Christian Albrecht University in Kiel, The Geological Survey of Finland, the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland and the SME “Evologics” developing underwater drones (AUV’s) for underwater surveys and monitoring presented today research on submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) in Germany, Finland and Denmark. The importance of SGD and their effects on the ecological status of coastal ecosystems is not very well known and need to be closely investigated in order to assess SGD impacts and improve the Scientific basis for policy development and protection of coastal ecosystems – e.g. By establishing groundwater threshold values as required by the Groundwater Directive / Water Framework Directive. The BONUS SEAMOUNT project collaborates closely with the Horizon 2020 programme GeoERA on the development of a SGD Information Platform within the European Geological Data Infrastructure. The photos show Joonas Virtasalo of the Geological Survey of Finland presenting results of their SGD study south of the Hanko peninsula in southern Finland.

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