IAEA International Symposium on Isotope hydrology

Today is the last day of the IAEA International Symposium on Isotope Hydrology – as usual it had a very interesting program about the use of isotopes in hydrology e.g. On groundwater dating in both young polluted groundwater and groundwater with ages up to a million years. The GeoERA project leaders of HOVER (Laurence Gourcy) and RESOURCE (Hans Peter Broers) both presented results of isotope studies. Hans Peter Broers presented work of the Dutch Geological Survey, TNO about the use of 3H/3He dating in Young contaminated groundwater in the Netherlands. Work which is continued in the GeoERA project. Laurence Gourcy about the use of isotopes in groundwater studies in the upper Volta area in Africa. We furthermore had a meeting with leading groundwater dating labs. and colleagues from Univ Bern, Univ Heidelberg and USGS about an upcoming common groundwater sampling campaign in Danish water supply wells medio June. I’m confident that we will get a lot of new exciding and important data from this study, which will be used for assessment of groundwater vulnerability towards pollution from the surface and included in the GeoERA Information Platform / EGDI in the Future. Hopefully, we can present the results at the next IAEA symposium on isotope hydrology.

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